FREE COURSE: Be That Coach

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✔️You're screaming from the rooftops that you're an online mindset, manifestation, trauma, relationship, or business coach

✔️You work with online entrepreneurs as a target audience and are currently closing program sales online (but maybe not consistently or enough to hit your sales goals)

✔️You are leveraging your Facebook profile for leads and have it listed that you're a coach to attract sales

✔️ You currently have a Facebook Group or are willing to create one ASAP to attract the most targeted leads with a strategy that has better vetting for high-quality clients

Here is what you'll learn:

✅The one-sentence tweak that drives insane numbers of pre-qualified leads that are ready to buy within days.

✅Exactly why your past launches have NOT produced the results you hoped for and the giant oops things (that you’re totally doing) that you can fix right now to get back on track.

✅My step-by-step marketing strategy for live launches that resulted in repeated success from my audience of under a few hundred people.

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